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Vermes confirms Julião and Muñoz in camp with Sporting KC

Vermes confirms Julião and Muñoz are both in camp with Sporting KC

Victor Muñoz has been in camp with SKC
Victor Muñoz has been in camp with SKC
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes confirmed that both Igor Julião and Victor Muñoz were in training with the team this morning. Vermes also confirmed that they were very close to signing a couple players. He just could not officially link those events.

Julião is the Brazilian defender from Fluminense that has been linked with Sporting KC for a few weeks now and just happened to show up in Kansas City yesterday. The 19 year-old right back appears to be the speedy outside back that can overlap the forwards and still get back on defense type of player that Vermes likes.

Muñoz is a midfielder out of UCLA but was originally in the Real Madrid system for several years and played for the Spain U-15, U-16 and U-17 National Teams. DC United traded an international slot to Montreal in order to draft Muñoz with the 29th overall pick but released him March 17th. Sporting KC has had him in camp at least since last week. Munoz

Vermes also confirmed they still have roster room for another potential new player that is getting close as well.