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FC Kansas City preview: Part 3 - the attackers

FC Kansas City preview:Part 3 - get to know the attackers

Henderson has looked good in camp but faces a lot of competition for starting time
Henderson has looked good in camp but faces a lot of competition for starting time
Thad Bell

In part 1 of our FC Kansas City Preview we took a look at what has changed since last season.

In part 2 we took a closer look at the defense and keepers.

In part 3 we look at the attackers

It would seem logical to separate by midfielders and forwards but with only a couple exceptions, FC Kansas City could see most of these players anywhere in the attack. Coach Andonovski loves having the flexibility of players being good at multiple positions.

Here is how FC Kansas City lists their positions:

MIDFIELDERS: Jen Buczkowski, Katrina Gorry, Sarah Hagen, Lauren Holiday, Maegan Kelly, Mandy Laddish, Merritt Mathias, Jenna Richmond, Frances Silva, Erika Tymrak
FORWARDS: Liz Bogus, Melissa Henderson, Morgan Marlborough, Amy Rodriguez

Jen Buczkowski - one of the two clearest positions on this list, she is the defensive mid. She will sit in front of the center backs and she will stop most attacks and turn the rest away from goal.

Jenna Richmond - Coach Andonovski expects her to see a lot of time this season. Will probably pair with Buczkowski when the Blues play their 4-2-3-1 and be the backup in the 4-1-4-1

Lauren Holiday - Holiday was good before she joined FC Kansas City but she blossomed in Andonovski's attack and really deserved the NWSL MVP. Can play anywhere on the field but expect to see her right in the middle of it all.

Erika Tymrak - FC Kansas City's resident figure skater. She glides and twirls through defenses like they are standing still. Deserves more national team time but any more callups and they will have to offer a contract. Expect her to be in midfield but roaming where ever they need her.

Merritt Mathias - Another player that could, depending on the game, play forward , outside mid or even outside back. Wherever she plays count on her using her speed to get in the attack.

Maegan Kelly - Seemed at first to be the ‘take a local player' with a late pick but she earned a contract and really came on strong towards end of camp.

Mandy Laddish - Had to go back to school but FC KC is looking at her to be a presence in the midfield in the future.

Frances Silva - Sly, subtle and can seem to disappear and reappear in game when the opponent least expects it. "I like to find wherever the gap takes me," Silva stated. "I didn't have a lot of restrictions in college by my senior year so I kind of wondered around wherever I felt like it but here it is probably an attacking mid, center mid kind of scenario."

Katrina Gorry - The Blues first international free agent. Reports on her size vary but all agree she is tiny. Even her nickname with the Matildas is mini. Has speed and creativity and could be an inspiration to vertically challenged players everywhere.

Sarah Hagen - listed at mid but will almost certainly play up top. She will have something to prove when she arrives in June.

Liz Bogus - listed at forward but they have used her wide in mid so far in preseason matches. Has shown flashes of high quality but not truly shown on her own yet.

Melissa Henderson - The Blues went on a great run when she took over as the loan striker last season. She held the ball up well to get Holiday and Tymrak involved but struggled to find the net herself. Has been relentless in preseason. She crashed into a concrete sidewalk to get a cross into the box in a meaningless scrimmage where they were already up 8-0 at the time as an example.

Morgan Marlborough - Tall and shows surprising finesse with her feet for her size. She will be a tough physical match for opposing defenders. Shows speed in bursts.

Amy Rodriguez - The veteran forward has played in mid and up top and is looking to get back in form after a year off to have a baby. A-Rod knew several of her team mates before coming to Kansas City but has a special friendship with Lauren Holiday.

"Cheney (Holiday's maiden name) and I are best friends, we live together. She came to my wedding, I went to hers," Rodriguez explained. "We've been best friends for a long time, played a lot of games together. Hoping our relationship all these years can translate onto the soccer field."

Rodriguez feels that closeness can translate to the field. "There are tendencies I can pick on and I can know sometimes what she's thinking. I know what buttons I can push to motivate her and likewise she can do the same to me. She can recognize if maybe I am having a hard time or I need a little help we are there for each other. As team mates you want to know that you have each other's backs and that is going to be good for us this year."