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Behind Enemy Lines: Three Questions with Mount Royal Soccer

We talked with Sofiane Benzaza from Mount Royal Soccer about the Sporting Kansas City vs. Montreal Impact match.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

1) The impact have been off to a tepid start in 2014, quite the opposite of last year. What's the reason behind the slow start and how do they get back on track?

As much as a club must be praised for not making 200 moves every offseason, the Montreal Impact was too quiet and did not get needed reinforcements. Even the club admitted that it started "too well" while not denying that it worked hard to be ready in 2013.

But yet again, another head coach is at the helm of a veteran squad that needed help. The squad needed to get used to another coach, another mentality and another way of doing things.

The symbol of an inactive and ineffective offseason was that the club is still considering Nelson Rivas as an important piece of the defense as he still recovers from a knee injury.

2) How will Jack McInerny change the way Montreal plays and is he a better fit than Wenger?

JackMac is not a savior but he is not some random MLS utility player. He brings depth on the bench, can be a bonified starter for Klopas and complement Di Vaio.

As per formations, having both McInerney and Di Vaio , on the pitch, will push the club to a 4-4-2 that can be modified with Di Vaio playing behind McInerney.

As a player, the ex-Philly striker is an upgrade over Wenger as he seems a better fit with Di Vaio than Wenger ever was.

3)  Is the team any different tactically under Frank Klopas or is it a similar style to last year?

The style might be different but I could not tell you. Klopas has not been here long enough to actually discern his style. I will admit that the club is willing to press more and provoke mistakes. But the squad has barely changed with the same qualities and faults.

The Klopas-effect will have to wait as this is still Nick De Santis' team, the Sporting Director.