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Behind Enemy Lines: Three Questions with RSL Soapbox

We talked with Randal Serr from RSL Soapbox about the upcoming match between Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

1) How has Real Salt Lake adjusted so far without Jason Kreis? Does the team play in a similar fashion to last year or are there some notable changes?

As far as the style of play on the field, it doesn't look to have changed much. The outside backs push forward into the attack a bit more but not to the point that it is really noticeably different. That speaks to the identity that RSL has established that will not likely change any time soon. Kreis was praised by players as one of the best if not the best coach they'd ever had, so I'm sure he is missed at least in part by most. At the end of the day, RSL's on-the-field play is very similar to what it has been for the last five or six years. Cassar seems to be a bit more positive and jovial than Kreis. It has been said he is more of a "player's coach" similar to what you think of when you see in Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks without the ethics problems.

2) RSL went out and dominated the highly regarded Toronto FC squad last week, knocking them off their perch. How did they do it and will we see a similar approach to the match against Sporting KC?

I think there are two main reasons that RSL dominated TFC. THe first is that RSL plays best when it has a chip on its shoulder. There was so much talk in the media about how good TFC is with their new DPs on top of two teams lobbying to suspend Saborio for a foul that he committed against the Galaxy. RSL looked very determined against Toronto.

The second is purely because RSL is a veteran team with many players having been on the same team now for five or six years. They know each other's style of play and they have been through virtually every scenario that a MLS team could go through. Toronto has been playing together for all of a month or so. The difference played itself out on the field as a quality team is better than any one or two players.

3) This will be the first match in Sporting Park since MLS Cup 2013 for RSL. Will revenge be in the players minds or will they be focusing on trying to get a result?

Quotes are making their way around the media and it is clear that there is no love lost between RSL and SKC. RSL definitely has revenge on their mind and Nat Borchers has said as much. That said, RSL is a veteran club that is mature enough to focus on getting a result on the road regardless of the history. Even if RSL is out for revenge, obviously a regular season win does not equal the value of a MLS Cup win. Revenge comes in tournaments in my mind.