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Everything But the Goal

Kansas City did everything right except the most important part - scoring a goal. And arguably that red card wasn't so awesome either.

Scott Halleran
So two days afterwards and it's still a little frustrating. On the one hand, drawing against a very good Real Salt Lake team isn't the worst thing in the world. And a clean sheet is always great. This is a team that won MLS Cup last year on defense, and seeing the back line playing really well, and Eric Kronberg potentially getting settled in, is a sure plus. On the other, the lack of run of play goals, or any goals at all really, continue to be a headache, and points at home dropped are points at home dropped.

All that said, much credit has to go to Jeff Antiella, he stepped up huge when he had to, and, while Sporting Kansas City perhaps made his life a little easier by not being clinical in finishing, he was more than a proper stand in for Nick Rimando. Sporting looked real good most of the game and I don't have any real complaints about their performance. They turned in a good performance on almost every metric except the most important one, and for that, I think RSL and their fans will be happy. Coming away with a point from Sporting Park is not a bad result, and it shows in the player ratings. High marks for both defenses as it's hard to credit attacking players all that much in a result that ends 0-0.


Again, ratings seem a pinch unfair to SKC, but RSL was the one that shutout SKC at home so it's hard not to give them a slight edge here. Also Uri's red card, desreved or not, dinged him a bit, which is a shame, because I thought he had another good match.

That done with, Man of the Match probably to Atinella for saving the result for the RSL folks. Besler gets SKC's nod for his involvement in another good performance from the Kansas City back four.

Tune in next week for... Bye week excitement? We shall see...