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Sporting KC at Montreal Impact: Round 2

SKC racked up the goals late against Montreal the first time around, but must be better on Saturday to take all 3 points

SKC have their back line for 2 more games before the World Cup
SKC have their back line for 2 more games before the World Cup
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting have business in Canada on Saturday... and its not beer. The Impact are stuck at 1 victory, and SKC handed them a 4-0 defeat only a few weeks ago. Despite the scoreline, the boys really didn't play all that great for most of the game. The visitors hung around until the end as Sporting piled it on late. This game could have gone very differently.

The back line was exposed a couple times and fortunate to not concede. Marco Di Vaio is a VERY dangerous player who won't miss many more like these..


Because he is capable of this....


If Sporting have another early defensive lapse and Di Vaio (or Jack McInerney) takes advantage.. then Montreal can sit back a little in their home park and make it very difficult for SKC.

The Impact however, just have no answer for Dom Dwyer. His relentless, physical pressure disoriented the defense to no end. They were chasing him around... blindly grabbing him.. and making saves they knew nothing about:


Montreal were forced to foul him 9 times, setting the season high in the MLS. But the ref was by no means calling it tight. I've noticed SKC rarely get the benefit of the doubt, so of course, the ref doesn't call ANYTHING on this play which would have put Sporting in a great spot to take an early lead:
Collin will be back after his game suspension and Dom will be extra hungry after having success against them last time. So although it is on the road, Sporting are the superior side and should come away with 3 points.

And one more positive.. apparently Montreal Midfielder Calum Mallace is on our side. He scored a goal for us last match and upon seeing his favorite player... couldn't resist giving him a big ol bear hug: