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Transfer Rumor: Oriol Rosell possibly headed to Sporting Clube de Portugal

CNN's John Sinnot is reporting that Uri is headed to Portugese club Sporting Lisbon.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Fear struck through the hearts of every Sporting KC fan this morning when they saw a tweet from CNN's John Sinnott regarding Uri Rosell.

This isn't a hack reporter trying to get page views in Europe, this is a CNN sports reporter. He seems pretty certain of it, plus there's this less reliable blog post regarding the transfer. (Put on your google translate, it's in Portugese.)

If this ends up happening, Sporting KC would lose one of the most dynamic centerpieces of this midfield. Rosell has been the architect of great passes and attacks while also losing a good holding midfielder on the defensive end. This would also force Lawrence Olum into the starting spot, stretching the centerback depth to needle-thin.

In a silver-lining type spin, there can be a couple of good things that come from this. First of all, this is a great opportunity for Rosell to play for one of the premier clubs in Europe. This should also give Sporting Kansas City a nice wad of cash and it is a testament to Vermes' development prowess.

When asked about the rumor, Sporting Kansas City's acted on their policy not to comment on rumors.

" Can't comment on the rumors -- Rosell remains under contract with the club."

It should be noted that Rosell is still enrolled at UMKC and has classes confirmed for next semester.

A reminder that this is still an unconfirmed rumor until it is confirmed by Sporting Kansas City or by Taylor Twellman. We'll have coverage throughout the day with the latest news. I'll leave you with the best tweet regarding this situation.

Oh Rui, never change.