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Who should be Captain in Matt Besler's absence?

The Blue Testament staff weighs in on who should wear the armband with Besler on National Team duty.

Jamie Squire

Jough Donakowski- Benny Feilhaber

In the absence of Besler, and Zusi, it seems to me the best candidate for the good ole Captain's armband is Benny Feilhaber. No longer a newcomer to the team, Benny has integrated himself to the team and is playing his best soccer in years. He's shown the mental toughness and self confidence that a captain needs. He plays aggressive but disciplined (roughly only a yellow card every five matches for SKC, never a red) and seems to have gelled real well with his teammates here. The armband would be nice recognition and maybe even a good carrot for him to keep up his form in the absence of Zusi.

Ben Gartland- Eric Kronberg

There is a plethora of reasons why Kronberg should be the captain while Besler is away. For once, keeper is a naturally vocal position as Kronberg has to lead and position his defense. Kronberg is also the longest tenured player on the club, knows Vermes' tendencies well and was backup under captain Jimmy Nielsen. Finally, Kronberg has captaining experience from when he took the armband in the US Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League matches in 2013. He can easily slide in to the captain's spot and do well.

Cody Bradley- Benny Feilhaber

There are several players on this roster that could fill in for Besler, but giving it to Benny Feilhaber is the way to go. This not only gives PV a chance to reward him for his hard work and reviving his career, but giving him the armband now would also be a sign of faith that Peter has in Benny. With Zusi gone, Feilhaber can really take control and drive the bus now. Maybe playing with the armband gives him just a little bit more swag. That being said... it's probably going to Kronberg who is a deserving choice as well.

Thad Bell- Paulo Nagamura

With Captain Kansas City off to the World Cup, the choice of who Vermes should make the interim captain is interesting. I would go with Nagamura. He is a Vermes type guy, plays hard, plays smart and Naga has the experience to know when to foul, when to yell at the ref and when to walk away. Naga would have been my second choice behind Besler.