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CAPTAIN Matt Besler

Matt Besler has fully embraced the armband this season and is looking fit to impress in Brazil.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

There was little doubt among most fans who would be named Captain following the retirement of The White Puma; and Matt Besler has proven to be more than worthy. Not only has he shown great confidence on the ball, but also great vision in linking with players up the field. His throw-ins torture opponents, he holds the back line solid, and he can rally the troops when they need it as well.

Yes, a handful of defensive lapses late in games have hurt, but those can really be attributed to team-wide failures. We are still in a good spot in the table and the boys will benefit from these mistakes in the long run.

POINT BEING... Matt Besler's back line is still the envy of most MLS sides.

The confidence of the center backs is a big reason SKC have been able to possess the ball so well this season. Besler has consistently shown a willingness to hold the ball until space opens up.

With Servants of the Revolution asking questions of him, he keeps the ball at his feet waiting for Teal Bunbury ("I Like that Boon-bur-ee") to make a move:


The other 18 MLS squads operating sans Besler (not to be confused with San Zusi) likely have a guy who F***ING BETTER desperately wants to get rid of the ball there. Many would force that pass to Zusi in a tough spot. But, the Captain allows the play to develop before pushing it into the space ahead of Seth Sinovic.

He has continued to show incredible instincts in stepping up to cut off passes. What really sets him apart however, is his ability to stay on the ball:


He confidently intercepted the pass, cleverly made a guy miss, and calmly distributed the ball forward. Matt Besler has the composure to keep possession, where an inferior player would be content to boot it down field.

With Besler in form, the midfield haven't felt the need to force anything. SKC have been a patient side this season by pulling it back and switching up the field. Now controlling the game and forcing teams to chase the ball is great, but to be perfectly honest...

When it goes all the way back to Kronberg...

HOWEVER, if Besler gets a moment to look up field...




And everybody be like...

Although the champs have dropped some points early on, I am confident that PV and Besler will lock it down as the season matures. Sporting have shown they are still a top club that will be in a position to make a run in the playoffs this year.

But in only 41 days, this local kid is going to turn some heads on the world's biggest stage.


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