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Pre-game thoughts: Toronto FC at SKC

Quotes, wishes and senseless ramblings

Thad Bell

Last thoughts before heading to the game:

English striker

It will be fun to see a really hungry and dangerous English striker on the pitch tonight. No, not Jermain Defoe. I am talking about Dom Dwyer. Sporting KC's Dwyer is tied for second in the league with 8 goals while Defoe only has 4. Yes Dwyer has about twice as many games at this point but that just means they are at roughly equal pace right now.

Captain Naga

Nagamura will probably be the captain again. SKC manager Peter Vermes described Naga in the press conference yesterday, "He's an incredible competitor. I think he's got a ton of respect from his teammates, and he's just got great leadership qualities.At the end of the day, I think the guys trust him."

Vermes described Nagamura as more of a leader by example type. "He's not a screamer on the field. The guys know he's a pit bull. He's the guy that gets down and dirty and gets after it."

Naga may not be the best passer, fastest runner or have the best shot but one thing I love about Naga is he has a winning attitude. He is not going to concede anything.

When Naga was asked about the match he replied, "Like we all know, we are missing key elements in our team and we are going to have another tough matchup against a very good Toronto FC side but I am pretty confident that with the group we have we can still go for three point and get the three points here at home."  Same as many players would say but Naga seems to believe it."

He was asked who or what he fears on Toronto, Naga coldly answered. "To be honest, I don't fear anybody."

What to do on defense?

There has been much said already about Sporting KC's lack of center back options for tonight. National team duty, injuries, red cards have all resulted in no natural center backs for  Vermes to choose from.

When it was suggested that perhaps he could jump out there again, Vermes smiled, "I wish. If we played 10 minutes of bunkering in I could sit back on that back line and do a really good job of directing."

I am pretty sure there is a referee or two that would love to see Vermes on the field and quite a few forwards that would not.

Who needs defense?

I propose Vermes just have fun with it and throw a crazy lineup out there. I use the old Nike Joga Bonita commercial with Eric Cantona for inspiration. I would love to see Vermes just go all in.


Myers - Sinovic

Feilhaber - Nagamura

Zizzo - Dovale - Dwyer - Bieler - Saad - Sapong

Total playground stuff but if SKC is down late, who knows the new 2-2-6 formation may happen.

"Forward my friends! Forward!" - Eric Cantona