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Bio: Matt Besler - World Cup starter

Learn a little bit about the U.S. National teams and Sporting KC's Matt Besler

Matt Besler quickly cemented himself as the leading centerback on the USMNT
Matt Besler quickly cemented himself as the leading centerback on the USMNT
Thad Bell

Matt Besler is Captain Kansas City, he grew up in a suburb of Kansas City. Besler turned down offers to go to Europe so he could win a championship with his home town team. He became Sporting KC's captain after the retirement of Jimmy Nielsen last season.

Besler probably represents his team and city's midwestern hard-working attitude better than anyone. Every year, he works like a madman to become stronger, fitter and better.

United States
Caps: 17, Goals: 0
Group G

Matt Besler

Service for the United States: Besler exploded onto the the National Team in 2013 after having been overlooked through much of his youth career. His second start and first non-friendly for the U.S. came March 26th at the Azteca when the US held off El Tri (Mexico) to a 0-0 draw for a much needed qualifying point. Besler becomes the first Sporting KC layer to start for the U.S. since Jimmy Conrad in 2006.

What makes him interesting: Besler and Graham Zusi were drafted by Sporting KC the same year, lived together in Besler's parents house and will forever be linked for being on the 2014 World Cup team. Besler became so loved by the fans that when he got married shortly after winning the MLS Cup they found his gift registry and bought him everything on it.

What to expect in Brazil: Besler is the favorite to be one of the starting center backs. Solid defending is the norm for Besler, he prefers to let others be flashy and just get the job done but do not overlook his speed and athleticism.