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The crowd and Zusi's mom celebrate the winning goal

When Brooks put home Zusi's corner U.S. fans went crazy everywhere. See how happy Zusi's parents were

USA fans celebrate the goal in Brazil
USA fans celebrate the goal in Brazil
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When Graham Zusi took the corner kick near the end of the U.S. and Ghana match everyone froze for a moment as the ball sailed through the air. Some will say that John Brooks foretold he would get the game winner, some will say he merely headed it down perfectly to make it as difficult as possible for the keeper to stop. Others will say that San Zusi intentionally bounced it off of Brooks for the goal, a perfect bank shot. No matter what you believe, it was an amazing moment for U.S. fans.

There were wild celebrations around the world and in the stadium as fans were ecstatic.

It is doubtful that anyone, anywhere could be as happy as the woman in this video. Any parent who has ever seen their kid make the perfect pass to setup or be the one to score the winning goal or make the amazing save can tell you there is no feeling like it. They can tell you it is amazing but it is impossible to truly describe just how happy and proud they are. That is just part of being a parent.

Yes, the woman being thanked in this video has seen Zusi score thousands of goal in his life. She is Shirley Zusi, Graham's proud mom.