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US Coach Klinsmann reports Besler is fine, full of hope for Altidore

Besler is fine for Portugal, Klinsmann is full of hope for Altidore

Besler left the US game at halftime
Besler left the US game at halftime
Kevin C. Cox

Jurgen Klinsmann had some good news for U.S. soccer fans during his Tuesday press conference. Klinsmann reported that Besler would have "no problem" and was "all fine" indicating that he would be ready for the match Sunday with Portugal.

The Sporting KC defender was substituted at halftime as a precautionary move because of tightness in his hamstring. Sporting Kansas City fans can breathe a little easier with the news after all of the injuries that have struck their team.

Jozy Altidore suffered what appeared to be a more serious hamstring issue midway through the first half but Klinsmann even sounded optimistic about his target forward. "We are full of hope that he can come back still in this tournament," the U.S. Coach explained. "How quickly, that is down to the healing process."

It was confirmed that Clint Dempsey suffered a broken nose when he was kicked in the head during play and that Dempsey may wear a mask.