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"Untied in DC" OR "We Need More D, See?"

Another well played game and another poor result as Sporting droped a 1-0 result to DC.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So this time it was Sporting Kansas City who were on the short end of a "Schross". I don't know if that's the preferred spelling, actually, but that's what I'm going with.

At any rate, if Kronberg stays on his line on that, I think he probably catches it, but maybe not. It was a really flukey ball that looked hard to judge, and Kronberg's game has largely been to "boss the box" so to speak, coming out aggressively a lot. A few times this season it seems to have been the wrong decision, and it certainly didn't win him many fans on Saturday.

Overall though, SKC took the game to D.C United, forcing Bill Hamid into five saves, but failed to score.

Aurelien Collin going down with an injury is a major bummer, but I actually thought Eric Palmer-Brown had a really good match after his largely horrific debut.

Toni and Igor Julio continued to look good, and with Alex Martinez and Jimmy Medranda on the fielder it was almost an entirely new Sporting XI. Okay, okay, Medranda was on the team in 2013 and played all of one minute...

Anyway, I'm a little glad that we at least weren't scored on by Eddie Johnson. And I still have much love and respect for Davy Arnaud, but I'm glad it wasn't him either.

As for the Alex Kaskey red card, at the time, I was pretty irate, it looked like a really really bad challenge that the Disciplinary Committee ought look at, but I guess I'm over it now. Just a lot of frustration.

At any rate, let's look at some numbers.

DC United
Bill Hamid 7.5
Bobby Boswell 6.2
Chrisitian Fernandez 5.8
Jeff Parke 7.0
Sean Franklin 4.1
Chris Korb 5.3
Chris Rolfe 5.3
Perry Kitchen 4.5
Nick DeLeon 4.9
Davy Arnaud 5.3
Lewis Neal 4.1
Alex Caskey 2.8
Fabian Espindola 6.6
Eddie Johnson 4.5
Team Average 5.3
Sporting Kansas City
Eric Kronberg 4.1
Aurelien Collin 4.1
Seth Sinovic 5.3
Kevin Ellis 5.3
Igor Juliao 4.9
Eric Palmer-Brown 5.3
Benny Feilhaber 5.3
Paulo Nagamura 4.5
Jacob Peterson 4.9
Toni 4.9
Alex Martinez 4.5
Jimmy Medranda 4.1
Soony Saad 4.1
Dom Dwyer 4.5
Team Average 4.7

All said, I felt that DC played much of that game with 8 or 9 guys behind the ball, and our lack of "clinicality" (is that a word?) once again hurt us. Still, I don't think it was at all a bad performance. Hands off the panic button and all that.