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Red, White and Blue Links

All the links you need to get ready for this historic day

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We made it out of the Group of Death! Today is the day! Belgium... Let's do this! EVERYBODY FEELING GOOD?


PNL is going to be going crazy today. U.S. meets Belgium on Tuesday in World Cup Round of 16 | Sporting Kansas City

Belgium is a formidable side, but I am claiming Manifest Destiny on this one. The Americans are a better squad as well. How Jurgen Klinsmann built the greatest team in U.S. soccer history | For The Win

After repeating his assertion that winning the World Cup is "not realistic" less than a month ago, even Jurgen is feeling confident. He told families of USA players to extend their stay until after the final.

The Men in Blazers are hilarious. Their Matchday shows are great and worth a listen.
"Byebye Mexican Hodor... byebye Miguel Herrera." Sorry to see Mexico eliminated, but his celebrations will live on in infamy.


Jurgen's system has led to a big role for Kyle Beckerman. In his first World Cup at age 32.. Kyle Beckerman turning into a national sensation with USA in Brazil.

Also... SKC are back on top on the East after taking 3 points in Portland.

Yesterday, Sporting released Alex Martinez. Interesting move, most likely to open up room for a new signing or two. Jorge Claros? Jermaine Jones? Jones is a longshot but if that happened, Sporting might never concede another goal.

Kick off is in a matter of hours, you guys. USA..USA..USA!