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Behind Enemy Lines: Three Questions with Mount Royal Soccer

We talked with Sofiane Benzaza about the upcoming match between Sporting Kansas City and the Montreal Impact.

Oooooo look a scoring opportunity!
Oooooo look a scoring opportunity!
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

1) How much of an Impact (hehe) has Jack McInerney made since joining Montreal?

He was not necessarily the heir apparent to Marco Di Vaio's throne but he has taken over the #1 striker spot for the Montreal Impact. Frank Klopas likes to mix it up between a 2-striker and a 1-striker formation and Di Vaio was not in great shape due to a nagging hamstring injury.

After pointing out that he is not a great fit in a 1-striker formation, he has adapted quite quickly thanks to the input of excellent wingers in Justin Mapp and Andres Romero. JackMac got skills and the Impact will hope that he scores goals on a consistent basis throughout the season.

2) Midway through the season, how do you judge Frank Klopas' performance as coach so far? Do you think he may have job insecurity with the impatience of the front office?

Klopas is going nowhere. He will finish the season no matter what and then the impatience of the front office might kick in during the off-season. I think that the Klopas effect is being felt later in the season as the staff gets to know the players and most importantly instill internal competition.

How did he do that? make players accountable, expect them to be engaged on and off the pitch and recruit new players to have more options on the pitch and on the bench.

Klopas has done a good job in my opinion.

3) Early in the season, the Impact were thoroughly dominated by Sporting KC. What's different about the team now and do you see a different result happening Saturday?

The Impact has gotten more dynamic as a team, more explosive and is not a defensive disaster waiting to happen; though Sporting KC is superpower in MLS so don't hold me to it. New players have come in (Farran, Krol, Larrea, etc..) to add more depth and competition and others have finally decided to show up after being absent in 2012 like Andres Romero.

The team has not drastically changed but you just feel that the intensity level has gone up a few notches which is not saying a lot if you look back at the lackluster spring of 2014.

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