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Eurpean interest in Sporting KC's Besler heats up

Besler comnfirms that Fulham has made a serious offer and that Sunderland is making an offer as well

Interest in Besler from 10 European clubs
Interest in Besler from 10 European clubs
Thad Bell

According to Greg Seltzer at No Short Corners, Sporting KC fans may be closer to knowing if Matt Besler is leaving for Europe or not. Seltzer says there are ten European clubs still in the mix for the U.S. center back. Of those ten, one is in the Bundesliga and most of the rest are in England. Seltzer goes on to say that Fulham (in the Championship) has made an offer and Sunderland (Premiership) has not made an offer but seems to be interested in making a serious offer.

Those are the only two teams that were mentioned specifically in that article but that may be the only ones that are even close to the asking price. Seltzer reported previously and reiterated that Sporting KC is wanting an offer that bests their previous high transfer. Then Kansas City Wizards (and MLS) sold Eddie Johnson to Fulham for approximately $6 million in 2008.

This morning Besler was on the Border Patrol Show on 810 WHB radio and was asked about the situation. Besler confirmed that Fulham has made an offer and that Sunderland either has or is making an offer.

A source has reported to The Blue Testament that Aston Villa has an interest but there has been no confirmation of that so far.

Seltzer said there was a hard deadline of Monday for Besler to decide but Besler denied that. He said that he wanted it resolved quickly so he would know where he was going to be but there was not a hard deadline of Monday. Of course the hard deadline of Monday may not be his; it could be Sporting Kansas City's.

As Besler pointed out again, he has input but the ultimate decision is not his. It is up to Sporting Kansas City if they want to sell or not.

The Border Patrol also asked if U.S. National Team coach Jürgen Klinsmann has had anything to say. Besler replied that he and Klinsmann have been "in contact a lot the last couple weeks." Besler explained that Klinsmann does not want him to go overseas just to go, it has to be the right situation. It does not do Besler or the U.S. any good to sit on the bench. Besler also said that Klinsmann was okay with staying in Kansas City because it is very good club and he has developed just fine here.