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Did Collin deserve the red?

Did Collin deserve a red? Or even a yellow?

Collin receive a red card that may not have been deserved
Collin receive a red card that may not have been deserved
Thad Bell

In Sporting KC's 2-1 win in Columbus, Aurelien Collin received a red. It was a little mysterious at first since referee Edvin Jurisevic did not even initially blow the whistle for a foul. Collin went up for a header and Crew forward Adam Bedell jumped under Collin's arm.

It's unknown for sure but has been reported that the fourth referee or the assistant ref on the far side of the field made the call, not Jurisevic. Initially on the match tracker the foul was listed as not visible, then on the press release it was listed as violent conduct (meaning a two game suspension). It is reportedly just serious foul, not violent.

Interestingly, Collin's first red card was issued by Jurisevic also. In 2011 in a match in New England, Collin's was carded for pushing down a Revolution player but it was later decided that it was mistaken identity and Birahim Diop was the actual culprit. The Revolution player that Diop pushed back went down very easily drawing the call. His name was Benny Feilhaber.

Understandably, Sporting KC's Manager Peter Vermes was not pleased with the call in last night's match. "I'm sure we're going to appeal," Vermes said to reporters after the match. "It definitely is something we look at and say it's ridiculous. The thing you have to remember about this game: It's also a man's sport and men, they're going to go up and contest balls in the air. They're going to go body-to-body. That's the way it goes sometimes. It's just frustrating, it really changed the game.

Simon Borg of MLSSOCCER.COM took a look in his regular feature Instant Replay (video below) and concluded that it was yellow at most. By all of the replays it looks like Borg is correct. Collin's elbow is not out, hos arm is extended as part of his jump but even then it does not appear to be swung wildly, just out.

Sporting KC has 24 hours after the match to appeal in writing.