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Podcast: Shades of Blue episode 1

Listen to the first episode of the Shades of Blue podcast

The first edition of the new podcast
The first edition of the new podcast
Thad Bell

This is the first episode of a new podcast covering soccer in Kansas City. Just like this site, we will try to cover any soccer in Kansas City. Some podcasts may be devoted only to Sporting KC, some may be focused on FC Kansas City or the U.S. National Teams and some will cover a range of topics depending on the news of the day.

The cast may change, the subjects may change but we will constantly strive to provide quality insight to the Kansas City soccer scene.

We recorded this episode Thursday evening and discussed Matt Besler and the chances he stays in Kansas City, Sporting Kansas City's win in Columbus, the signing of Jorge Claros and Martin Steuble and FC Kansas City's match in Portland. All in a quick 45 minutes.

The cast on this episode:

Mike Kuhn, also known as Mike-apedia for his fantastic ability to pull Sporting KC facts from the dark corners of his mind. The most consistent blogger over the years over at

Ben Gartland, editor and writer for this very site,

Thad Bell, photographer and writer for

This is the first effort and there were a few glitches we were working out as we went. So apologies for the issues, they will get better. The intro music did not play correctly so please be patient through the first twenty seconds of awkward silence.

It will get better.

This first one was a little rough but hopefully you listen and  come back for more. Also please let us know if there is anything we can cover going forward or any other suggestions.

Thank you...

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