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Sporting KC's Vermes reveals more than one player is on the way

Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes revealed that there are players on the way

Vermes revealed more than one player on the way in the transfer window
Vermes revealed more than one player on the way in the transfer window
Thad Bell

Thursday Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman tweeted that there was a "Solid deal done," and they were just waiting on the ITC (International Transfer Certificate).

Friday after practice Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes was asked about Heineman's tweet. "A long time ago I stopped answering Robb's questions," Vermes replied. "Robb is the one that put the statement out there."

When asked if there was any information on a potential player coming in Vermes answered, "We have players coming in. That is what I can tell you."


"Players. Yes plural," Vermes acknowledged.

As for a timeframe when the new players might arrive Vermes would only say,  "As soon as possible based on paperwork. "

Vermes would not elaborate any further on positions, age or nationalities that the incoming players were from.

One name that has been mentioned many times is Honduran midfielder Jorge Claros. He is coming off of Honduras being eliminated in group play at the World Cup and should be ready to step in and contribute fairly quickly , if he is one of the players.

With the very possible loss of Captain Matt Besler and winger/mid Graham Zusi getting some interest as well added on top of all of the injuries Sporting KC has been dealing with, some quality reinforcements would be welcome.

The summer transfer window for MLS opens July 8th and closes August 6th for incoming players.