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Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman Fan Forum

Robb addressed fan questions on a YouTube Forum yesterday. His candidness was at its best as he dished on the management's focus right now, the things they did wrong with Sporting Park, and the future of US Soccer in KC

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting KC received about 2200 questions from fans and Robb Heineman addressed the most popular topics in a YouTube Fan Forum yesterday. It is great he is so willing and eager to do things like this and it's clear he truly wants to address fan concerns.

Before getting into questions Robb reassured us that what they are focusing on right now is figuring out the Graham Zusi and Matt Besler situation. He reiterated their stance of keeping core players around and simply adding pieces to the puzzle.

The first fan topic was US Soccer in KC and it looks like we can expect a lot of national team events here in the future with the training center coming here.

Robb wasn't shy about admitting the faults of the sacred ground that is Sporting Park. The retail stores are always pretty cramped and he said this may have been their biggest mistake. He mentioned building a large store on the Sprint Plaza out front of the stadium which will be part of several other additions.

"We sell as much in a game as we used to sell in an entire season when we were the Wizards."

The ladies can rejoice as he promised they will improve the selection for Women's clothing in Sporting Style.

He also addressed problems with the Boulevard Member's Club and said they have architects looking at what they can do this off season.

There were a lot of questions about concessions. He said they are going to try out some more healthy options although he admitted that people just don't buy that stuff. He hinted that maybe the mobile application will allow you to order food and possibly even a way to charge your phone from your seat.

It also looks like their is interest in building some sort of "museum" to display the overwhelming amount of hardware Sporting is sure to win in the coming years.

Parking is clearly a problem and it doesn't sound like there is a whole lot they can do about it. The way he spoke it was clear they have struggled with it many times. It got pretty insightful when he addressed the idea of a parking garage. Robb admitted that if they were going to spend that kind of money it would be to enhance the stadium like "ADDING MORE SEATS". Please and thank you, Robb.

They spent 22 minutes addressing questions and then Robb even asked for more at the end. Before wrapping up he assured us he is not satisfied with where the club is at right now and that we can expect better this second half.