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Four Scores and Seven Beers Ago...

In which we muse on what sometimes feels like a magical, fleeting unicorn : Sporting dominating a game and coming away with a big win.

Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

I imagine Peter Vermes was right upset after the loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps, as he should have been. That was a lousy performance.

What we saw last night was more or less the opposite of that.

Another new lineup (a new lineup every game! I almost want to see the trend continue for the rest of the season) and this time, a new result. A 4-1 spanking of Toronto FC. On the one hand, it could have maybe been worse. Two early penalty kicks put TFC into a hole that made them come out and play a more open game, which I think always benefits Sporting Kansas City, and then Jackson did... well, that. Just Jackson being Jackson I guess? I don't know that I've ever seen a 3 on 0 go as wrong as that did honestly, but I'll take it. Jon Kempin (whom, henceforth, shall be known as Tiny Puma) did well enough on that play to position himself in a way that gave Aurelien Collin enough time to back track and make a fine play.

And how about that Soony Saad strike, eh? ♪♫ Oh my god, it's a mirage, I'm telling all ya'll it was Soony Saad! ♫♪

Anyway, let's look at some numbers.

Toronto FC Key Stat
Joe Bendik 4.3 4 goals conceded
Justin Morrow 4.3 4 goals conceded
Doniel Henry 4.6 8 CBIs
Nick Haglund 4.3 5 recoveries
Collin Warner 5.8 1 assist
Jonathon Osorio 4.9 91% pass accuracy
Jackson 4.6 1 big chance missed
Michael Bradley 4.6 3 accurate long balls
Kyle Bekker 4.3 7 minutes played
Luke Moore 4.6 Honestly, pretty invisible
Gilberto 6.4 1 goal
Dominic Oduro 5.5 1 assist
Bright Dike 4.3 1 shoe lost
Daniel Lovitz 4.3 17 minutes played
Team Average 4.7
Sporting Kansas City Key Stat
Jon Kempin 4.9 1 Big Save
Aurelien Collin 4.9 1 Big Clearence
Lawrence Olum 4.6 82% pass accuracy
Matt Besler 4.6 5 recoveries
Seth Sinovic 4.6 85% pass accuracy
Igor Juliao 4.6 5 CBIs
Benny Feilhaber 5.2 1 Penalty Earned
Graham Zusi 5.8 1 Assist
Sal Zizzo 4.6 4 recoveries
Jorge Claros 4.3 93% pass accuracy
Dom Dwyer 8.3 2 penalty kicks converted
Soony Saad 7.4 1 goal
C J Sapong 5.8 1 goal
Claudio Bieler 4.3 11 minutes played
Team Average 5.3

So, yeah. I feel bad giving MotM honors to Dom Dwyer for converting two PKs, even if it's not that easy. But, ignoring Dwyer, let's give a nod to Soony Saad. He played really well, and, honestly, damn. What a good goal.

Disagreement in the comments. Go.