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Blue Links 8/28

Kronberg and Peterson still out injured. Deportivo Saprissa defeated Real Esteli 3-0. The LA Galaxy scored a record setting goal vs D.C. United.

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OK well there is nothing more to say about last week's loss except


Moving on...

Jermaine Jones is now a Servant of the Revolution and surprisingly, Jurgen Klinsmann encouraged the idea even before the World Cup. His long vacation spent with his family and enjoying life as an A-lister is finally over. I would be very surprised if he is fit enough to step in already, but he seems to think he can play on Saturday.

"After that long break, it’s not easy to come back," Jones said. "I will work hard, and I will come back good and in shape. I’m happy to be here. I’m really happy that I can start to go back on the pitch. I’m ready to go, and I hope the coach will push me and push me so that I’ll be ready for the game in Toronto."

Despite such a quality showing against SKC last week, D.C. United were smacked around by the Galaxy in a 4-1 loss last night. The third goal from the Galaxy was a result of a 26-pass sequence, the longest since the stat has been recorded since 2010. I won't say it was the best goal of the season because off the shoddy defending, but it is the beautiful game as it should be played and it is great to see this kind of goal in MLS. Watch it RIGHT HERE.

Also... 26 passes? That reminds me of one of my favorite goals of all time... one that I've used (more than once) to help win me an argument with soccer haters at 2am:

Sporting Park's MLS sellout streak will soon reach 50. The team is giving away all sorts of prizes on their various forms of social media to celebrate.

Deportivo Saprissa beat Real Esteli 3-0 in the CCL Group 2 clash on Tuesday. Saprissa top the group with 4 points. Sporting KC will get their chance at Saprissa and Esteli at Sporting Park on Sept. 18th and 23rd, respectively.

In the other Champion's League... the teams are set and the group draw will be held today at 10:45. The way some of those teams earned their spot was pretty insane. For one this goal happened:


But what Cosmin Moti did was even more impressive. The keeper for Ludogorets Razgrad had been sent off, so the centerback, Moti was playing keeper for the PK's. He nailed his PK while swimming in the keeper's jersey AND gloves. THEN he blocked not only one...but two shots to give his club the $11.3 million bonus send them to the UCL group stage.

Welcome to The Cauldron | For Love of the Crest Episode 4
It is a great look inside Blue Hell and at 2:50 this video just blatantly shows a guy scream F*** YOU as loud as he can... lolwut?

Speaking of the Cauldron, they won twitter yesterday with this Wayne's World reference:

As for a little roster/injury update..

ICYMI: Kevin Ellis joins OKC Energy FC on loan | Sporting Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City's Jacob Peterson to miss more time with hamstring injury | Sporting Kansas City

Eric Kronberg back in training for Sporting KC, but several weeks away from re-joining lineup |
This keeper situation is so confusing and I don't know what to think. There are people in all three camps for who should start... good problem to have I guess.

Next up is Houston tomorrow night at Sporting Park. Like to see this again... but without the long sleeves and gloves: