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Monday Morning Fullbacking - Houston, we have a cliché

In which our heroes learned nothing about giving up three goals at home. Nothing at all.

Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

So, yeah... That happened. Again.


Short of Dom's quality strike, that was probably an even worse performance than what happened when DC came to town. DC is actually a quality side this year, so losing to them maybe not so terrible. Lousing to an entirely lousy Houston team? Really frustrating.

Benny losing his head and picking up a dumb yellow? Icing on the frustation cake.

Hard to come up with many positives from the last two matches, honestly. Injury situation will hopefully improve. Schedule doesn't look to get much better. Yellow card accumulation will force some guys to get some rest, but at what cost?

At any rate, let's turn to some numbers, shall we?

Houston Dynamo Key Stats
Tally Hall 4.5 1 save
Tyler Deric 4.5 6 recoveries
David Horst 7.2 1 goal
Jermaine Taylor 5.3 15 CBIs
Kofi Sarkode 4.1 2 key passes
Corey Ashe 5.3 8 CBIs, 6 recoveries
Brad Davis 8.0 2 assists
Giles Barnes 4.5 4 fouls drawn
Boniek Garcia 4.5 6 recoveries
Ricardo Clark 6.1 1 goal scored
Andrew Driver 4.1 2 minutes played
Luis Garido 5.3 8 CBIs, 7 recoveries
Jason Johnson 4.5 2 aeriel duels won
Will Bruin 6.1 1 goal
Team Average 5.3
Sporting Kansas City Key Stats
Jon Kmepin 4.1 3 goals conceded
Aurelien Collin 5.3 14 CBIs, 5 aeriel duels won
Seth Sinovic 4.5 3 tackles
Matt Besler 4.9 10 CBIs
Lawrence Olum 4.1 3 interceptions
Kevin Ellis 4.5 6 recoveries
Benny Feilhaber 5.7 1 assist
Graham Zusi 5.3 3 crosses
Jorge Claros 4.1 82% pass accuracy
Dom Dwyer 6.1 1 goal
Soon Saad 4.1 2 key passes
CJ Sapong 4.5 3 tackles
Team Average 4.5

Yeah, despite Collin not having a great game, he put up some good numbers. Otherwise, more or less what I would have expected...

I actually don't have a lot more to add, honestly. At least, nothing that hasn't been written somewhere else already. 6-1 outscored at home, two straight losses? Unacceptable for a championship team. Hopefully just a blip on the radar, and I get that MLS is a parity league (I actually like this and talk it up), and that sometimes you have an off month, but getting bossed by a pretty poor road team... Not cool.