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Kansas City Royals, Sporting Kansas City and the limits of KC Sports Magic (Humor)

Ben tests his theory that there's only a limited amount of Kansas City sports magic, which only allows certain KC teams to win each night.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I've had this theory in my head for awhile that there is only a limited amount of Kansas City Sports Winning Magic. Sometimes it's used to have Sporting KC win, sometimes the Royals. On nights when they both play, my anecdotal evidence led to the conclusion that the Royals and Sporting never seemed to win on the same night.

To see if the reality backed up my anecdotal evidence, I looked at the days that both Sporting KC and the Royals both played to see how often they both won.

Date Royals SKC
5-Apr W 4-3 D 0-0
19-Apr W 5-4 W 4-0
26-Apr L 2-3 L 0-2
4-May L 4-9 W 2-0
9-May L 1-3 W 3-0
14-May W 3-2 L 1-2
18-May W 8-6 L 1-2
23-May L 1-6 D 2-2
27-May L 0-3 D 1-1
31-May L 2-12 L 0-1
6-Jun L 2-4 W 2-0
18-Jun W 2-1 W 2-0*
24-Jun L 0-2 L 1-3*
27-Jun W 8-6 W 1-0
6-Jul L 1-4 D 1-1
12-Jul L 1-5 W 2-1
19-Jul L 1-2 W 2-1
23-Jul W 2-1 L 1-4*
26-Jul W 7-5 W 2-1
1-Aug W 1-0 D 1-1
10-Aug W 7-4 L 2-0
16-Aug L 1-4 W 4-1
19-Aug W 7-4 D 1-1*
23-Aug W 6-3 L 0-3
29-Aug L 1-6 L 1-3
3-Sep W 4-1 L 1-3
6-Sep L 2-6 L 1-2
12-Sep L 2-4 W 4-0

*Non-league matches are marked with an asterisk.

On days they both played, the Royals had a 13-15 record and Sporting KC went 11-11-6. All in all, they only won on the same day four times out of 28. The results seemed to be split between outcomes, whether it was Sporting or the Royals winning.

Outcome Results
Royals Win/Sporting Loss 6
Sporting Loss/Royals Loss 5
Both Won 4
Sporting Win/Royals Loss 4
Sporting Draw/Royals Loss 3
Sporting Draw/Royals Win


So how does that fair against the odds of both teams winning? Our resident mathematician Jough Donakowski crunched some numbers by using the winning percentages of both teams to find the likelihood of both winning on the same day.  10715825_10105135958345240_243523615_n_medium
Using this chart, we find that the most likely amount of times that both teams win is seven times. The actual amount was four times, as we saw earlier. Not a significant amount lower, but low enough to use KC Sports Magic as an excuse.

Now if we take a look at prolonged exposure to success from both teams, we see an even stronger argument for the existence of KC Sports Magic. The Royals have had a couple of stints in first place in the American League Central, but only one that last more than four days. We'll take a look at both teams during that stretch.

On August 10th, Sporting KC lost 2-0 in Vancouver, snapping their road-game winning streak. The next day, the Royals overtook the Tigers for first place in the division. They would have at least a share of first place in the division for nearly a month, until September 12th when they moved to second place. That same night, Sporting KC broke their four-game losing streak with a 4-0 win over Chivas USA.

During that stretch of the Royals being in first place, Sporting played some of their worst soccer since the rebranding. They went 1-4-1, giving up 13 goals in six games and went on a four-game losing streak. Since the Royals relinquished first place, Sporting are 2-0-0, outscoring their opponents 7-1 in those two games.

Sporting hasn't had much time on top of the Eastern Conference this year, their longest stint coming in around ten days in the middle of May. The Royals faired better than their soccer counterparts, going 10-9 when Sporting was on top of the East. However, they would soon pay for it as they would hit a snag when Sporting did at the end of May. They fell to 26-30 on June 1st, just as Sporting was in the middle of five-game winless streak.

Now what happens when you throw the Kansas City Chiefs into the mix? The three teams don't overlap two much in seasons but September is the big mixing pot. Through three weeks of the 2014 NFL Season, the Chiefs are 1-2, winning their first game of the season against the Miami Dolphins in Week 3. Let's take a look at the way all three teams performed each weekend.

Week Chiefs Sporting KC Royals (3-game Series)
Week 1 Loss 10-26 Loss 2-1 Win 2-1
Week 2 Loss 17-24 Win 4-0 Loss 1-2
Week 3 Win 34-15 No weekend game Loss 1-2

As you can see, only one team has been able to win each weekend. While the Chiefs grabbed their first win this weekend, the Royals lost a pivotal series to the division leading Detroit Tigers. Had Sporting played and won this weekend, who knows if the Chiefs would have been able to overcome the Dolphins?

So if you like anecdotal evidence and drawing conclusions from completely coincidental evidence like I do, I hope you're now a believer in KC Sports Magic and its limits. Now the question is, are Sporting willing to give up a couple of games to send the Royals into the playoffs this week? The limits bend for no team.