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Match Recap: New England 3, Sporting KC 2

The New England Revolution sweep Sporting Kansas City in the 2014 MLS season.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The only major difference between Friday's game against the New England Revolution and September 3rd's game against the New England Revolution was a lack of injuries.

The last time Kansas City played the Revs, Matt Besler broke his hand.

Other than that, everything was pretty much the same. Similar score lines (3-2 on Friday, 3-1 before) and similar disappointments. If anything, Friday's match was more upsetting- Sporting KC equalized after being two goals down, then let in a beautiful shot from distance by Jermaine Jones. It was beautiful, but more importantly, it was save-able. Lee Ngyuen passed the ball to Jones, who was left completely open. Jones' shot slipped right past Eric Kronberg, who definitely should have been able to make the save.

That was New England's third goal, and their only goal in the second half. Their first goal came in the 22' when Kelyn Rowe was able to capitalize on Sporting KC's defensive troubles. The entire back line was out of position, leading to an easy shot for Rowe. The Revolution's other goal was scored in the run of play by a center back, which is just never a good way to describe a goal. Jose Goncalves was able to dribble through the midfield and find some space between Matt Besler and Kevin Ellis to take a shot.

Sporting KC's goals were scored in a three minute breath of life for the team. In the 54th minute, Paulo Nagamura made an excellent run down the right side of the pitch and put a great ball into the top left hand corner. Only two minutes later, Dom Dwyer scored his 20th goal of the season on a cross from Nagamura. This sequence was actually gorgeous. Toni Dovale hit a long ball on the left flank. Nagamura went for the shot, but Dwyer got the finishing header on it.

It was Kansas City's third game in nine days, but this trend extends beyond being a little fatigued. Sporting KC has a problem to work out, and they need to do it soon.