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Comets easily roll over Tulsa 18-2

The Missouri Comets move to 12-0 on the season as they easily dominate the Revolution but injuries continue to mount

Brian Harris played keeper for most of the fourth quarter after Watman injured
Brian Harris played keeper for most of the fourth quarter after Watman injured
Thad Bell

Eight different goal scorers led the Missouri Comets to an 18-2 victory over the Tulsa Revolution Saturday. Newly signed Josh Gardner and veteran Leo Gibson both had three goals and three assists on the night. The win extends the Comets record to 12-0 as the Comets continue to roll over the opposition.

Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski was understandably happy with the result. "I was extremely pleased,we've had a few games like this and we have always done enough to win but were lacking in some elements. Today I was pleased with the work rate, the discipline, the compactness; it was just incredible, I was very happy. It is a good preparation for what is coming up in front of us."

"We have goal scorers all over the field, in every position and that makes me happy," Andonvski continued. "Regardless of how good you are you need multiple people scoring goals. There will be a game where Leo has a bad day or Vahid has a bad day when we will need Sosa's goals and BP's (Perez) goals and Josh goals now and Matingou and Harris goals."

The Comets led 2-1 after the first but their relentless pressure led to scoring in bunches in the second and a 9-2 lead at half. Missouri scored 5 more the third and started the fourth with three goals before lifting the pressure once keeper Danny Waltman was injured. With Brian Harris in goal the Comets were content with holding back and pushing too hard, only scoring one more to close out the match at 18-2.

Of the thirteen players on the Comets that night, only two of them did not register a point.

Injury list continues to grow

The Comets were already on a short roster with Max Touloute, Ramon Palmer and Coady Andrews sitting out the match but the injury woes continued to mount for the defending champions. Milan Ivanovic left the game after a hard tackle with a shoulder injury but most troubling was Danny Waltman leaving the match in the fourth quarter.

Waltman's backup is unavailable although there is conflicting information on why. Some are saying he was hurt also but some have mentioned he is with a team overseas. In either case the Comets are without an actual keeper as it seems that Danny will be out for this Friday's match.

Expect a quick signing of a keeper. Probably Steve Paterson, a Canadian that has been training with the Comets and spent most of last season in Sporting Kansas City camp as well.

The Comets expect to get Touloute back in the lineup for Friday.