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Andonovski's suspension reduced by MASL

The MASL reduced Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski's suspension

Thad Bell

Missouri Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski was originally given a three game suspension, one for an ejection and two more for pulling his team from the field of play in the match at Milwaukee on New Year's Eve. Andonovski served the suspension for the ejection the next match in St. Louis on Jan 3rd.

He was scheduled to miss the next two as well, Tulsa on the Jan 10th and St. Louis again on the 16th but the Comets appealed the suspension. The MASL sent the appeal to a group of owners from another division to decide.

The MASL informed the Comets earlier in the week and MASL Commissioner Kevin Milliken confirmed on Wednesday that the additional two games was reduced to one and it will be served on the 16th. Comets assistant Goran Karadzov will again take control of the bench when the Comets face the Ambush.

Interestingly, Andonovski was not going to be at the match with St. Louis anyway. Andonovski is also the head coach of FC Kansas City and he will be at the NWSL draft that day and would not have made it back in time.