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MLS Draft 2015:Sporting KC picks 10, 12, 20 and 30

MLS Draft Day: how to watch and what Sporting KC needs

Vermes asking Dom if he takes selfies after he was drafted
Vermes asking Dom if he takes selfies after he was drafted
Thad Bell

There are so many questions to be answered today but no matter what, the MLS draft starts at 11:30 central and Sporting Kansas City should be busy. Sporting KC head coach/technical director Peter Vermes and his staff have four picks, the tenth, twelfth, twentieth and thirtieth. Will "Trader Pete" show up and send some picks for players or even move up?

Sporting KC does have some clear needs; defensive depth, some wingers, a clear number one defensive mid and maybe someone to take a DP that rarely plays off the roster. Obviously not all of those can be solved in the short term by the draft.

Trying to predict what Vermes will do is always a challenge. He has been able to see and evaluate players first hand, he knows what deals may be in the works for players to return or loans made. The Sporting KC boss may also be holding onto a player signing or two until after the draft so he does not tip his hand for needs to the other teams as well.

We will be updating and posting as the draft moves along but it can be viewed here or in the video below.