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Live: Sporting KC picks and draft news

A running thread of draft news, picks and analysis

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The Don kicks off the draft
The Don kicks off the draft
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Yes Vermes was interested in Besler but knew he would probably go too high. Lamented the fact they could not get him to come play in the Academy for a year and they could have had him as a homegrown player.

Vermes said he got three of the four players he was hoping for in the draft before we had to drop the call. Will resume in a few. Any questions for PV?

Update: Sporting Kansas City gets the rights to Servando Carrasco (better known as Mr Alex Morgan) and SKC can start negotiating with him now.

Who should SKC get from Hosuton?

Update: Sporting KC trades pick to Houston for  FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS!

Update: Looks like a trade!

Just got off phone with SKC's first two picks. I know most do but they both sound like good well-grounded young men that want to contribute.

Update: Another versatile back, Amadou Dia, from Clemson #SportingKC, announcers question his size but Igot Juliao was listed at same weight and almost height. Sporting KC's trainers will put ten pounds of muscle on him fairly quick

Wait, the Red Bulls are still in this league?

Nick Besler threatens to kick his brother!

UPDATE: Reversing the order for the rest of the draft. If I get some interview time with our first two picks is there any questions?


The draft is about to start...

Don Garber is kicking off the comments, a few cheers, a few boos...

Heineman ruling the draft tweet so far

Orlando on the clock!

Update: Larin goes first...

Update: NYCFC waiting on word form Manchester on who he is allowed to draft

Sporting Kansas City selects Connor Hallisey, mid from Cal.

Update: Any mock drafts still correct after only three picks?

Update: Roldan still on the board?

Update: Portland takes Nick Besler - SKC will get him in a couple years

Update: Roldan and Earle still available after 8 picks!

Update: It doesn't matter if Toronto FC takes a timeout, they still won't make the playoffs

Ask for Joe's!

Dom's new buddy?