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NWSL draft live thread

Current draft results for the NWSL

Who will Coach Andonovski draft
Who will Coach Andonovski draft
Thad Bell

The draft is complete, will be back later with interview and thoughts...

First Round

Big news in the first round was Chicago Red Stars trade McCaffrey for pick 9 and11 from Boston and then they take Colaprico. A great steal by Chicago.

The first four picks were exactly as expected, no drama there.

1              Houston Dash - Morgan Brian, Virginia

2              Sky Blue FC (via BOS) - Sarah Killion, UCLA

3              Western New York Flash - Abby Dahlkemper, UCLA

4              Western New York Flash (via SBFC) - Sam Mewis, UCLA

5              Chicago Red Stars - Stephanie McCaffrey, Boston College (traded to Boston for pick 9 and 11)

6              Western New York Flash (via WAS) - Lynn Williams, Pepperdine

7              Western New York Flash (via PTFC) - Jaelene Hinkle, Texas Tech

8              Chicago Red Stars (via FCKC) - Arin Gilliland, Kentucky

9              Chicago Red Stars (via SRFC/Boston) - Danielle Colaprico, Virginia

Second Round

Shea Groom played for Huw Williams and Vlatko knows her well from coaching also. Great offensive threat. Williams said he they would take the best player available. Surprised Groom did not go higher in draft.

Portland wants back in draft and trades the famous player to be named later for the 13th pick.

Now Portland trades the 13th pick and a 2016 2nd round for to Wasington for Jodie Taylor. What, 13 unlucky? Taylor scored well for Spirit.

Another UCLA player off the board.

FC Kansas City takes some defensive depth and a keeper to challenge for the backup spot.

10           Sky Blue FC (via HOU) - Kristin Grubka, FSU

11           Chicago Red Stars (via Boston) - Sofia Huerta, Santa Clara

12           FC Kansas City (via WNYF) - Shea Groom, Texas A&M

13           Washington (via SBFC/Houston/Portland) - Megan Oyster, UCLA

14           Boston Breakers (via PTFC/CRS) - Jamia Fields, FSU

15           Seattle Reign FC (via WAS) - Havana Solaun, Florida

16           FC Kansas City (via SRFC/PTFC) - Meghan Streight, Texas A&M

17           FC Kansas City - Katelyn Rowland, UCLA

18           Western New York Flash (via BOS/SRFC) - Tatiana Coleman, Central Florida

Third Round

I have a suspicion who FC Kansas City might take next. Update: and I was wrong...

FC Kansas City trades the 19th pick to Washington for their 2 highest second round picks in 2016.

And the Spirit take a defender that a lot of people rated highly, Caprice Dydasco from UCLA.

Do not know much about Ayers but I will soon.

19          Washington (via HOU/FCKC) - Caprice Dydasco, UCLA.

20           Boston Breakers - Samantha Lofton, James Madision

21           Western New York Flash - Sabrina D’Angelo from University of South Carolina

22           Sky Blue FC - Daphne Corboz from Georgetown

23           Chicago Red Stars - Cara Walls from Wisconsin

24           Boston Breakers (via WAS) - Bianca Brinson from Texas A&M

25           Sky Blue FC (via PTFC) - Shade Pratt from Maryland

26           FC Kansas City (via SRFC/FCKC) - Jessica Ayers from Colorado College

27           Chicago Red Stars (via BOS/SRFC) - Nicole Setterlund from Washington State University

Fourth round

Not much drama in this round.

Kaysie Clark is the pick I expected in the previous round.

28           Sky Blue FC (via HOU) - Chimoma Ubogagu, Stanford

29           Boston Breakers - Stephanie Verdoia, Seattle University

30           Washington Spirit (via WNYF) - Whitney Church from Penn State University

31           Houston Dash (via SBFC) -  Carleigh Williams, Central Florida

32           Chicago Red Stars - Rachel Tejada from Illinois State University

33           Boston Breakers (via WAS) - Bianca Calderone, Northeastern University

34           Sky Blue FC (via PTFC) - Lo’eau LaBonta, Stanford.

35           FC Kansas City - Kaysie Clark, University of Missouri

36           Seattle Reign FC - Kendall Romine from Stanford