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Three Questions with Dynamo Theory about Servando Carrasco

We talked with Alicia Tolar about Sporting KC's new midfielder Servando Carrasco, who was acquired in exchange for the 30th pick in the MLS Superdraft.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

1) Based on games played alone, it looks like Carrasco has been a spot starter and an option off the bench. Is this an apt description or are there other facets to his play that stats might not show?

Spot starter/off the bench option is a pretty apt description for how Houston used Carrasco. He only started in 9 of the 19 games he played for Houston over two seasons. While he wasn't going to be a starter in Houston he was a great backup and came in handy late in the season with all of the injuries the team was plagued with.

2) What position in the midfield seems to suit Carrasco the best?

Defensive central midfielder is where Houston used him most. Carrasco is sneaky good. While he doesn't have big flashy games he does what he needs to with the ball and keeps his mistakes to a minimum as long as he manages to not make that one bad pass that leads to a goal for the other team.

3) What are the basic strengths and weaknesses of his game? Will the Dynamo miss him this season?

With the ball at his feet he is best when he is sending in short, quick passes. His long balls leave something to be desired as often times there wasn't anyone on the other end to receive the ball. On the defensive side Carrasco makes smart tackles and is capable to creating turnovers. The problem with Carrasco comes from his tendency to have one really bad pass that gives up a goal to the other team. He was poor at the start of the season for Houston but looked a lot better at the end of the season. I don't think that Houston will really miss him providing we don't have a crazy injury-laden season again this season where we are digging around the depth chart trying to find all the warm bodies we can.