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Sporting KC and Bieler agree to terminate contract

"The emergence and progression of Dom and the time frame that it happened, it changed everything." - SKC Manager Peter Vermes

Bieler seemed to like Kansas City but could not find playing time
Bieler seemed to like Kansas City but could not find playing time
Thad Bell

The long Claudio Bieler saga is over. Sporting Kansas City announced the club and Bieler have mutually agreed to part ways and Argentine first division side Quilmes Atlético Club announced Bieler this morning.

A number of rumors about Bieler moving on have popped up since after the 2013 season when Bieler's minutes trailed off in the championship run but they gained legitimacy the last few days. Initially Bieler was productive and had 10 goals his first season but as the season went on he started to fade. At the same time, Dom Dwyer had a breakout season playing for affiliate Orlando City and was playing very well when he was recalled to Kansas City.

"Dom has come on and won that place in the field so it was going to be tough for Claudio to get playing time and he is a guy that wants to play," Sporting KC Manager said vie press conference. "There was an opportunity for him to go play somewhere else, we mutually agreed to terminate his contract and let him go."

"I still say Claudio is actually a very good player," Vermes continued. "I think the emergence and progression of Dom and the timeframe that it happened it changed everything. Again, it's not that he is a bad player but Dom came on and came on strong and he's our center forward. It changed it for him."

"It's nothing more than Dom's the guy and that wasn't going to change," Vermes added.

Open DP slot

The move does free up a Designated Player slot under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) rules but with the new CBA still in the process of being negotiated there is a lot of uncertainty about what the rules will be going forward.

"We are dealing with a couple different things, we are still looking to make some additions to the roster," Vermes stated. Vermes went on to explain that he is hoping to conclude some potential player moves by this weekend or early next week but he did not elaborate if those were DP candidates.