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Sporting have begun workouts in Tuscon and Vermes is mulling a formation change while Besler and Kempin prepare for Chile on Wednesday with the USMNT

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The team has arrived in Tuscon and SKC soccer is real again and not just something we talk about... OMG

But first, watch this video of them talking about it... just for Dom at the end HA!

The first preseason game is against Portland on Saturday, and they are jumping right into it today with the dreaded Beep Test. Christian Duke was the last man standing in this group:

The Answer showing off his vertical:

At one point it would have been unheard of, but Peter Vermes would now like to try a new formation he has "been wanting to do for some time." After losing some core players, the club has added versatility:

"Bernardo Anor, he can probably play on all three lines," Vermes said. "Not many players can do that. He can play a winger, he can play in the middle of the midfield and he can play as an outside back. So we've added a couple of guys who have the ability to do that."

Espinoza can be used in multiple spots and newcomer Krisztian Nemeth can also be moved around up front as well. It is too early to tell if the team is better or worse than last year, but this new look for the team is sure to be exciting.

What is this formation that PV has been keeping in his pocket?

Get what you can from this video of Peter discussing the upcoming season with Jake Yadrich.

Matt Besler and Jon Kempin are not with the team as they were called into January camp and are preparing for a friendly against Chile on Wednesday. Chile is ranked 14th to America's 27th, but the USMNT hasn't lost to Chile in the previous four match ups. Quick little video of the training (Jurgen can be heard shouting which is always worth it):

Here is a video of not only soccer billiards, but trick shots! Awesome, but I will be needing an engineer to build the table for me.

I will leave you with Wilfried Bony's elastico. Holy...nutmeg