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Saad officially dumped from SKC roster

Saad appears to be signing with a team in Thailand

A photo of Soony doing the ice bucket challenge because we may never get another chance to use it
A photo of Soony doing the ice bucket challenge because we may never get another chance to use it
Thad Bell

It is not really news that Soony Saad is no longer with Sporting KC. He has been practicing and even playing in friendlies with BEC Tero Sasana FC in Thailand but it did become a little more official this week.

Sporting KC still had all of the players that were under contract but had not re-signed on their roster online, until Thursday that is. MLS Contracts run through December 31st so any players that were not waived or did not have their option declined were still under contract through the end of the year. On January 1st Sporting Kansas City did their roster cleanup.

Sporting made contract offers to Jacob Peterson, Kevin Ellis and Soony Saad and have been negotiating with Fluminense to get Igor Juliao back but those four are now out of contract officially. Soony, Ellis and  Juliao were removed from Sporting KC's roster. Interestingly Jacob "The Answer" Peterson's name remained despite there not being an announcement of a new contract yet. It is probably safe to say that they may be close to re-signing Peterson.

It would be a bit of a surprise if Ellis did not return and Juliao is an unknown at this point but it is pretty clear that Saad is not returning. Soony never could quite nail down a consistent starting spot despite having one of the best and heaviest shots on the team. It is clear he wants to play and it is likely that he can find more playing time and very possibly a higher salary in Thailand.

To complete any transfer between teams, FIFA requires the player's ITC (International Transfer Certificate) be forwarded to the new team. When asked if the club had sent Soony's ITC to the new club, Sporting KC deferred to MLS since the league technically owns the contracts. The league responded that as far as they were aware, a request for his certificate has not been received. So far, contact with BEC Tero Sasana FC to verify Saad's status have been unsuccessful.

BEC Tero Sasana FC's nickname is the Fire Dragons. Yes, Soony is going from the former Wizards to the Fire Dragons. (Insert Tolkien or D&D joke here).

Soony has not only played in a friendly for the Fire Dragons, he can be seen in this video scoring the lone goal in a 1-0 win over the Warlords of Saraburi Football Club.

Another Soony ice bucket photo

Another Soony ice bucket photo