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Rumor: Sporting Everton?

A rumor sprung up over night and grew throughout the day that Sporting Kansas City's owners were interested in Everton FC. Could it be true?

Robb Heineman: Just a midwest boy with his 2013 MLS Cup trophy
Robb Heineman: Just a midwest boy with his 2013 MLS Cup trophy
Thad Bell

All it takes is a tweet...

And a retweet by Sporting Kansas City's president, Robb Heinemann.

It could have been an accidental retweet during an exciting Kansas City Royals game.

It could be an intentional hint by Robb Heinemann. Robb is known for giving hints. Throw in an exciting game and a few beers and Robb may have been a little easy with the secret info.

It could even be Robb trolling for fun.

Throw in a tweet from Mike Illig (liaison between ownership and team side) to add a little fuel to the fire. Mike's image and words could be understood that there is interest or it could be classic trolling.

So based off of the original retweet and some other info that Everton fans have put together, the rumor is that Robb will be at Goodison Park this weekend for Everton's match with Manchester United. Robb will supposedly be there so that he and the rest of the Sporting Kansas City owners can make a bid for Everton FC.

Our Everton counterpart, Royal Blue Mersey seems to think there may be some truth to this rumor.

If this is true it would be a surprise, a big surprise for everyone in Kansas City.

What if it is true? An immediate worry would be does SKC take a back seat to Everton. It is doubtful that a Kansas City ownership group would allow much harm to be done to SKC. Some player loans and a way to slide around the salary cap would be fun and beneficial to Sporting KC. A chance for some of Everton's players to get playing time either with Sporting KC or the USL team would help them as well. Lots of possible benefits and conflicts if it happened.

Could it be true? Yes. The owners of Sporting Kansas City do have the financial ability and they do think outside the box.

Is it true? Probably not. Sporting Kansas City is growing so much here, the owners are all invested in Kansas City. It would be more likely they would buy the Royals than Everton. Even more likely they start a second team in the next week or two.

Could it be Sporting Innovations doing business with Everton? Possible but it seems more like someone would confirm or deny that.  (But I am checking on it).

Would this be a good move for Sporting Kansas City? Or would SKC take a backseat to a larger club?