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Sporting KC owners were interested in Everton

Sporting KC's Robb Heineman confirms his trip in August was to look at making a bid for Everton

Sporting KC owners confirmed there was interest in Everton
Sporting KC owners confirmed there was interest in Everton
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Thursday the rumor that the Sporting Kansas City owners were behind a bid for Everton surfaced and spread quickly. By Friday the rumors were being squashed. The official word from Sporting KC was, "there is no truth to the rumors."

Robb Heineman was at the Sporting Kansas City loss to San Jose last night and told Jeff Carlisle from ESPN:

"We went over there in August, and we're always opportunistic with opportunities like that. Was it ever close? No. Was it something that we still think about here and there? Sure. But do I actually think we're seriously in the running for it? No. I actually think there are a couple of legitimate groups that are talking to Bill Kenwright right now about buying the team. But I think there are some serious groups that are in the mix and I think it will get solved in the next few months."

It should come as no surprise that Heineman and the rest of Sporting KC's ownership are always looking for new opportunities but adding an EPL club was probably not on the mind of most Sporting Kansas City fans.

There were thoughts that perhaps some of Sporting Kansas City's owners, specifically Cliff Illig, would be involved other than Heineman. When asked, Heineman told Carlisle, "No. Cliff and I are the same thing. What I said represents what Cliff thinks too."

It was known that Heineman and Mike Illig were in Everton in August although initially they did not reveal the purpose.

"We had a good talk, learned a lot, but the timing probably just didn't work out really well for us. It probably wasn't the right set of circumstances, wasn't the right price, we probably weren't ready to pull the trigger. There are a lot of different things that just led us to think that it's not the time for us to do it right now."

Good news for fans in England looking for smart and stable owners, Heineman stated that they would continue to look at EPL teams.

"I think we're going to keep looking at stuff in the EPL for sure," Heineman told ESPN.

"The thing about Everton is it's such a solid foundation of fans, such a solid foundation as a club. From a profit standpoint they're a very profitable club in the EPL, which isn't always the case. It was very intriguing, and Liverpool is a beautiful place. So for all those reasons it made some sense, but at the end of the day it just wasn't the right thing."

If Everton is that good of a situation maybe they should take another look.