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Two great goals and maybe goal of the year for Nemeth

Sporting KC forward Krisztian Nemeth has scored two fantastic goals in his last two matches.

Nemeth has contributed two key goals in Sporting KC last two matches
Nemeth has contributed two key goals in Sporting KC last two matches
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City's Krisztian Nemeth has had a pretty good week. First scoring the goal in the second half of the US Open Cup to tie it up and send the match to over time and then penalties.

Then the tricky forward would deliver some much needed magic when a tired and hurting squad went to Portland looking for some points to maintain a playoff spot.

Nemeth gets his head up, understands the numbers are not in his favor but he doesn't care. He keeps going. The Hungarian, cutting this way and that, into the eighteen. Oh no! - Portland announcer

In Portland, manager Peter Vermes put out a lineup relying heavily on young and reserve type players. The Hungarian forward was on the bench but as the game was still scoreless, Vermes started to bring in some firepower. First Zusi at halftime and then Nemeth entered the match in the 73rd minute.

And now to Nemeth, can he hold something up for the players on his team to get forward?  Instead Nemeth, driving right at the heart of the defense, cutting his way back, around Borchers, here's Nemeth, Krisztian Nemeth and he finds the far post, an absolutely superhuman effort! - SKC announcer Nate Bukaty

Just ten minutes after subbing in, Nemeth created a special moment for Sporting KC. The play started innocently enough. Graham Zusi slid Nemeth the ball in the Sporting KC's half of the center circle. SKC's number 9 started driving toward the Portland end when the Timbers Diego Chara had the first chance to stop his run. A simple cut back to the right would leave Chara racing to get back in front of the ball.

"I say this with all due respect, he picked those guys apart, and the finish was fantastic. That was a fantastic finish." - Vermes in the post-game conference call

As Chara came back in front of the ball, this time Nemeth cut back to the left and Chara spun and rolled over backwards. With Chara doing tumbling, Nat Borchers was the next obstacle but a simple move to the right left an already off balance Borchers on his hands and knees.

"Credit to [Krisztian] Nemeth he pulls off a play, couple guys slip, but you leave the game again going ‘how does that happen?' How does that guy pull off a play and score out of nothing?" - Timbers manager Caleb Porter

Defender Liam Ridgewell had already seen his team mates on the ground and seemed determined to stay upright and force Nemeth to the outside. Nemeth took the opportunity to setup the shot and use Ridgewell as a bit of a screen.

"They won the game because Nemeth found a little bit of brilliance, and we didn't, it's that simple." - Caleb Porter

Goalkeeper Adam Larsen Kwarasey dropped as quickly as he could see the shot but the ball was already past him and about to tuck inside the back post before he could hit the ground.

"I thought we kept our composure.  I thought we had good concentration through the game and at the same time we knew there was going to be a point we were able to strike. I didn't know it was going to be as good as Krisztian [Nemeth] did but that was a fantastic goal." - Peter Vermes

Sporting Kansas City held on for the win and three points in Portland. While there have been some great goals in MLS this year, this run and goal has to at least be in consideration.

Open Cup hero also

Nemeth's goal in the US Open Cup final to level the score was also a work of art. Getting the ball in the box from Zusi and curling it back post was just what Sporting KC needed at the time.

Meanwhile, back in Hungary

Krisztian Nemeth has long been known in his native Hungary, he has 19 appearances for them and has played in the last three Euro qualifiers. Krisztian is back in Hungary to prepare for the last two qualifiers and is getting some attention at home for his play here. With these last two goals, the attention from home is understandable.