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What should Sporting KC name their USL team?

Sooner or later (and probably sooner) Sporting Kansas City should announce they will field a team in the USL. What will the name be?

A USL team will be crucial to the development of rookies and academy players
A USL team will be crucial to the development of rookies and academy players
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that Sporting Kansas City plans to field a second team in the  USL at some point. Manager Peter Vermes sees a second team that they control as part of the future so it is only a matter of time. Sporting KC has been affiliated with Orlando City before the Lions moved up to MLS and also with the Oklahoma City Energy although injuries have limited the amount of loans to the Energy.

It is almost inevitable that Sporting KC will have a team in the USL, and all signs point to 2016 but they could wait until 2017 at the latest. It is very likely that Sporting KC's second team will train alongside the senior team at Swope Park and play their games on the Championship Field at Swope Park Soccer Village.

If (when) Sporting KC announces their very own USL team, what should they name it? Will Sporting play it safe and boring like most of the MLS team have so far or will they be a little more creative or have some fun with it.

Here are a few options:

Sporting Kansas City 2 (SKC2) - pretty common name for the some of the other MLS owned teams (Portland Timbers 2, Seattle Sounders 2, Whitecaps FC 2).

Sporting Kansas City II (SKC II) - the other common name style for MLS owned teams and not all that different but maybe they think it is a little classer (New York Red Bulls II, Toronto FC II, LA Galaxy II).

Sporting Kansas City B (SKC B) - No USL teams have the B but it is common in Spain (Atlético Madrid B, FC Barcalona B) and we know Vermes does like Spain (Uri Rosell, Jordi Quintilla).

Swope Park Rangers - MLS used to have an official reserve league and the Kansas City Wizards reserves would normally play at the Swope Park training center.  Many of the Fans and even the Wizards started to call the reserves the Swope Park Rangers back then. Reportedly the USL had frowned on teams that did not have a specific city name but that seems to have changed recently with the Real Monarchs (Salt Lake) and Rio Grande Valley FC (Houston affiliate).

FC Kansas City FC United - Having already went in a different direction from those overused in MLS names when they chose Sporting Kansas City for the rebrand, it is unlikely they would revisit those names. Throw in FC Kansas City is already the name of the back-to-back champions in the NWSL to make it even less likely.

Possum Trotters - Okay, pretty sure Sporting KC is not going to call their second team the Possum Trotters but back when the rebrand from Wizards to Sporting KC was about to take place, there were a few fans (maybe it was only one or two) that advocated for Possum Trot FC (or some variation). Possum Trot was one of the earliest names in the running (also Rabbitville) for a little town that later became Kansas City. Think how hard it would be to attract Designated Players to sign with Possum Trot FC.

Vermes' Reserves - A play on the popular Vermes Army chant and theme but perhaps a little too ego-centric for Kansas City.

Sporks -  Was originally used by people that either hated the rebrand or rival fans that used to try and make fun of the team. It mostly went away as Sporting grew on people and gained more success on the field. Not likely Robb Heineman or Peter Vermes would embrace the name but it could be an opportunity to reappropriate a lame insult.

Wizards - It would be a good opportunity to pull out some vintage uniforms and sell to people who want to look like they were fans before it was cool. Sell some more SKC/Wizards scarves.

Fountain City FC (SC) - A nod to the City of Fountains. I meant to include this originally but left it off in late night editing.

KC Hearts - Heart of America tie-in.

Update: Fountain City and KC Hearts were suggested by reader @sportingkcfan38, thanks Aaron

If there are any other good, bad or interesting ideas for Sporting Kansas City to use when they name their second team, please leave a comment.

What should it be?

I lean towards Sporting KC B or Swope Park Rangers but let us know what you think. Please vote in the poll for your favorite. I am sure Sporting KC will be watching very closely!