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Comets easily handles the Heat

The Comets capped off a tough but successful road trip when they dominated Harrisburg Saturday

Comets celebrate another goal
Comets celebrate another goal
Thad Bell

The Missouri Comets moved to 3-0 after back to back wins on the road. The Comets followed up the tough match in Dallas with an 11-1 win over Harrisburg Saturday. After having to come back in their first two matches to win in them late, the Comets were happy to seize a lead and cruise to the victory.

"We played very good this game, not only good, I want to say we played very smart," Comets' head coach Vlatko Andonovski stated after the match. "I think our decisions were spot on both defensively and offensively and we were very clinical in everything we did. We definitely played smarter than what we played in Dallas. We knew exactly what we wanted to do and how we can win the game and we executed it perfectly. In short, I would say we played like the Comets that we know."

The Comets jumped out early with goals by veteran leaders Leo Gibson and Vahid Assadpour before Harrisburg got on the scoreboard midway into the first quarter. John Sosa added a goal and Lucas Rodriguez had the lone goal in the second quarter and from that point on the Comets shut the Heat out.

"It's what got the boys going. After the first half they felt like ‘hey, we are back on track, we are doing what we do best and it's working for us." - Vlatko Andonovski

The second half started with goals by Assadpour and Bryan Perez to make it 6-1 through three quarters.

"It just got better every minute." - Vlatko Andonovski

The Heat seemed to be well out of it by the fourth quarter and the Comets tacked on another five goals to finish it out. Robert Palmer, Kevin Ten Eyck and a hat trick for Ramone Palmer sent the Comets home on a high note.

After struggling against expansion team Cedar Rapids (going to overtime) and having to come back versus Dallas, the Comets were able to dominate despite playing the night before and having to travel.

Before the season Andonovski had thought his team would be in form by the third game because of how fit everyone was coming into camp and he revisited that thought Saturday.

"I think the reason why is that we were getting to the third game," Andonovski explained. "It's the same thing with the women's team (FC Kansas City) as well as the men. It takes a little while; with the style we play it takes a little time for the team to gel. Even though this team has been together for several years they still need a little time to find themselves on the field and get on the same page. If we were not together for a long time, then it would take 10 games so I am glad that we are back to where we want to be."

The Comets will try to continue their undefeated streak when they return home to face the 0-1 St Louis Ambush Friday at 7:35.