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Comets remain undefeated versus Ambush

The Comets have never lost to the Ambush and continued that streak with a 9-4 win

Comets remain undefeated
Comets remain undefeated
Thad Bell

The Comets moved to 6-0 after defeating the St. Louis Ambush 9-4 Friday night. The Ambush fell to 0-3 on the season. It was the 31st straight regular season win for the Comets.

The Ambush held off the Comets attack early and managed to take a 1-0 lead on a Gordy Gursen goal before the 10 minute mark. Leo Gibson and John Sosa scored to finish the first with a 2-1 Comets lead. Ramone Palmer, Vahid Assadpour scored and Gibson added another to solidly take control in the second quarter.

"I think we controlled the game a little bit easier than we did the last game we played at home even though we won 10-3," Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski stated after the match. "The first half was tough in that game but in St Louis we went to halftime up 5-1. We just managed and closed the game down in the second half."

"We just wanted to close the game out and play smart," Andonovski continued. "We didn't want to score another 10 goals. When we got scored on we just turned it up a notch and managed to score the goals back."

The Comets did essentially cruise for the second half. The Ambush's Gurson scored his second in the third quarter and Odaine Sinclair notched a pair in the fourth but Gibson scored his third and Lucas Rodriguez added another to keep the score just out of reach.

When the Ambush went to the sixth attacker the Comets added a pair of goals from Brian Harris and Assadpour to close the game out.

The Ambush provided some motivation for the Comets

At least one of the Ambush players mentioned that the current Comets team is not as good as last year in an interview around the time of their first meeting this season. That made Andonovski's job easier.

"I am happy with the performance and one thing that made me really happy was that after our players watched some of the video of the St. Louis players pointing them out and saying they are not as good as last year was great motivation for them," Andonovski explained. "I didn't have to do anything, just remind them they are not just playing to win the game but to also make a statement and prove themselves."

"That was awesome for me," Andonovski continued. "I did not have to think of a way to motivate them.  You know how this team is, when they are challenged, you will see the best of them. I think playing St Louis 12 times and winning every single game, I think at this time we deserve a lot more respect."

Next is Cedar Rapids

The Comets again have back-to-back road games as they make a quick turn and travel to face Cedar Rapids this evening at 7:05 p.m. CT. The match will be streamed live on Go Live Sports Cast.

"We are ready for the trip. We know it is not going to be easy after the first game at home especially with us playing in St Louis and them resting," Andonovski said.

After facing them for the first time in the Comets home opener and being taken all the way into overtime before getting the win, the Comets will be looking to take a little more control and change the game a little. "We will change a few things up," Andonovski admitted. "Tactically we will come out a little more reserved, just a bit more reserved."

"I think we will do better in this game," Andonovski predicted. "One of the things I think was a big difference that was Cedar Rapids game six and for us it was game one. They had played five preseason game and we had not played any. Now we are at game six, game seven and obviously the team is clicking, is gelling and has an understanding of the movement a lot better than game one."