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The last game of the victory tour and the last retirement match

How to watch the last match of the Vitory tour and see Abby's farewell

Abby's last match
Abby's last match
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who: United States vs. China PR

When: Wednesday, December 16, 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT

Where: Superdome, New Orleans

How to watch: Fox Sports 1 and streamed on Fox Sports Go.

Last meeting: The United States just beat China 2-0 over the weekend

The significance: This is the last game of the Victory Tour and more significantly it is Abby Wambach's last game. The all-time leading scorer will officially be retired. While a lot of fans will be sad to see her go and a lot will be happy, there is no denying that she has been a great player for the United States.

It has been awhile since she was the fully able to run the channels and be the incredible monster in the air that she once was but she was still been a vocal leader.

Love her or not, this is a great commercial from Gatorade.

And don't forget one last attempt (would not surprise me if there are more later) to make some money off of her...