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MLS Cup Final: Who You Got? Who You Want?

Because let's be honest, we're sad we're not there, but it's gonna be a great game.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I was just thinking about who I wanted to win the MLS Cup Final, given that it won't be us. [sadface]

And I'm actually not sure. The Portland Timbers? The Columbus Crew?

Usually, I think, "Hey, I hope the team that beats us wins, so we can say we were beaten by the best,"

Then I thought "But I'd like it to be someone from our Conference."

Then I remember we moved to the West this year, and it seemed obvious who I should cheer for.


I like the Crew. Another Hunt family team. First to get their own soccer specific stadium. I've actually been there. It's a concrete bowl, sure, but I gotta say, they laid the groundwork and they own it. And the fans were so incredibly welcoming. Hell, that was my first Cauldron road trip with my, then girlfriend, now wife. Here's the crew that went to watch the Wizards play the Crew (see what I did there?)


A bunch of couples in that photo are married now. Kind of funny, actually.


I've also been to Portland. Almost the same story. Sort of lame stadium, but man, Timber's Army are ultra welcoming and really bring it to the game, and Portland is an awesome city (as is Columbus, of course).

So. I don't know. I guess let's just get this out of the way.

Who do you want? : Portland. But not because of any kind of dislike of Columbus, the team or the fans. Just for the reasons mentioned above. They took us in an epic PK shootout (and overall awesome MLS Playoff game) and they're in our Conference. Let's get behind them.

Who do you got? : Columbus. Even if Kei Kamara isn't playing today (haven't followed up on the news about his knock in training the other day) I think they're the better team. They've been great this year, and will have home field advantage.

How does it go down? : 2 - 1 Columbus in regular time, in an excellent game.

Side bet : What the the odds Eddie Johnson's PK from the 2013 MLS Cup game re-enters orbit during halftime? I'd say 60/1. That thing's never coming back down.