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TBT: Happy Birthday Jimmy Conrad edition

Today is Jimmy Conrad's birthday so he and his bobblehead get the TBT treatment.

Jimmy and his bobble head
Jimmy and his bobble head
Thad Bell

Today is Sporting Kansas City Legend Jimmy Conrad's birthday today so he is a perfect subject for a Throw Back Thursday. Back in 2009, the Wizards were going to do a Jimmy Conrad bobblehead giveaway sponsored by Time Warner Cable. Jimmy had to do a video promoting the give away and in true Conrad fashion was so funny he made himself laugh and unable to finish the take. I was lucky enough to be there, get a few photos and a lot of entertainment.

Well several takes go by with Conrad unable to not crack himself up when Herculez Gomez decides to get involved also.

Herculez helping Jimmy with the promo

Somehow Herc's help did not speed up the process at all. It was one of the longest attempts to shoot a  promo in Wizards history but Conrad managed to get through it eventually.

Little Jimmy climbing Mt Conrad?

One more (totally unrelated) Conrad photo. Jimmy was having a friendly chat with his friend from Chicago....

Happy Birthday Jimmy!