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Claros to China?

It is looking like Jorge Claros may be on his way to China

Claros may be gone without an appearance in 2015
Claros may be gone without an appearance in 2015
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Claros has not made much of an impact for Sporting KC and now may not have the chance. The report out of Honduras is that Claros is headed to join Qingdao Jonoon in the Chinese second division.

Claros only made seven league appearances last season and was suspended for three games for inappropriate language after the match in New England. This season he has not made an appearance in preseason and other than articles on his matches with Honduras, one of which he was red carded, he has not been mentioned by Sporting KC much. It is unclear if he has even joined the team after his friendlies with Honduras in early February.

Sporting Kansas City will not comment until news is official and this case is no different. If the report is accurate, SKC will understandably not comment until a deal is done. That has been the case in the past.

The real question is are they selling Claros or will the agree to a mutual termination of his contract.