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Claros termination was Vermes choice

Vermes did not mince words when asked about the club and Claros mutually agreeing to part ways.

Claros did not meet Sporting KC's expectations
Claros did not meet Sporting KC's expectations
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When Sporting Kansas City announced that Jorge Claros was no longer with the team this week, they used the nice, professional method. "Mutually agreed to part ways with midfielder Jorge Claros" does imply that he wanted to go somewhere else and Sporting KC concurred. That is the nice media/public relations friendly way to do it.

When Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes was asked about Claros wanting to go somewhere else after the match Wednesday night, he was a little more blunt in his assessment of the situation.

"It wasn't his choice, it was our choice," Vermes flatly stated.

"He didn't come into camp fit after being here for six months, knowing what we expect and just wasn't good enough," Vermes continued. "I'm not waiting around for somebody who couldn't figure out what we were trying to do so it was time for him to move because he wasn't the right fit for us."

Claros was pursued by Sporting Kansas City for at least a year before they were able to finally land him last season but the deal could never get done. When asked if it was a disappointment after pursuing the Honduran midfielder for so long, Vermes seemed to not care. "I had forgot about it until asked about it, once a guy is off the roster he is off the roster."

In what sounded like both a comment on the Claros termination and a message to players for the future, Vermes closed with one last warning. "It is up to them to understand what the expectations are here, what the standards are and if you aren't meeting them there's another guy to come in and take your place."