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The 2015 Primary Jersey Leaks And It Looks Good.

SKC made it in 2014 without their new kit leaking, but 2015 is a different story. See the jersey inside.

SKC Continues to Strike Gold in Designs
SKC Continues to Strike Gold in Designs
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after taking a year off of jersey leaks, SKC finally got hit by the problem that every soccer team worldwide seems to go through every single season. After a very very grainy pic that didn't so much, Fanatics decided "what the heck, POST THE JERSEY!"

SKC 2015 Jersey 1

And it looks good. I usually hate gingham, the Manchester United one a few seasons ago was pretty awful to me, but this is pretty great. The very light (AND DETAILED!) lines add depth to the shirt, giving it a more 3D appearance that most of the plaid/gingham shirts we're used to seeing. No awful 2014 Adidas upper back stripe that plagued every team in the World Cup year, even their 2015 signature stripe at the bottom isn't entirely awful!

2015 SKC Jersey 2

The new style 3D badge from the secondary kit returns with the two silver stars atop it. A shade darker than New York City FC and able to pull light blue off better than Manchester City. Other than the stupid button on the collar, I love this kit, even the slightly unnecessary Sporting Club logo on the back neck.

2015 SKC Jersey 3

2015 SKC Jersey 4

Chalk up another win for the team that has yet to release a stinker in the jersey department since the 2010 rebrand. Well done Sporting KC design team.