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Ladies and Gentleman, Mark Your Calendars

Rolling out the 2015 Kansas City soccer calendar for easy at a glance important dates

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Here at The Blue Testament we like to make your life easier. Usually, that is, at least. One thing I went ahead and did (though I was going to do it for myself anyway) is go through and cull out all the important soccer dates for Kansas City soccer folks. So far, this list includes SKC games, FCKC games, and US and other national team games going on in Kansas City. I'm going to try to keep it as up to date as I can, but right now we make no promises or guarantees to either its accuracy or it's up-to-datedness.

Because it's easy to share, and because Google owns my soul, I've done everything in Google Calendar. So far it seems like it's worked with those who it's been shared with, but if it's not working please leave a comment and we'll try to get it addressed.

Each match should have basic info, like what time the match is at, where it's being played, how to watch it, and so forth. Some matches still have details to be sorted out and we'll try to get to those as they come in. Until then; Courage.

Kansas City Soccer Calendar

In case you want to follow up with a look at the official schedule's, here they are for Sporting Kansas City and FCKC. We're going to try to get KU and UMKC added as well.

Sporting Kansas City Schedule

FCKC Schedule