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Arrest warrent issued for Braithwaite

Arrest warrant issued for former Comet Andre Braithwaite

Braithwaite spoke to the police after the match
Braithwaite spoke to the police after the match
Thad Bell

KMBC's Eli Rosenberg reported that a misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued for Andre Braithwaite for his actions following the Comets loss to the Blast on March 15th.

Braithwaite appears to head butt Blast player Pat Healey while everyone was in the post-game shaking hands phase.

Healey quickly went down and was treated by Blast and Comets staff but ultimately needed several stiches to close the wounds on his forehead. The Comets quickly released Braithwaite within a couple hours of the game.

The MASL handed down an indefinite ban to Braithwaite but he can apply for it to be lifted after one year.

The Blast pursued pressing charges resulting in the arrest warrant Thursday.

Rosenberg also reports that the Blast is pursuing civil/criminal charges against the owners of the Comets, saying that they are culpable in the incident.

Since the Blast and Comets are both A-share owners of the league, it should make future league meetings interesting.

Request for comment from the Blast, the Comets and the league have not been returned yet.