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Sinovic vs De Jong: The Left-Back Situation

Bundesliga verteran and Canadian international Marcel De Jong has signed with Sporting KC and created an interesting situation at left-back, as hometown kid Seth Sinovic has held the job since 2011.

After winning defender of the year in 2014, will Seth Sinovic have to step aside for Marcel De Jong?
After winning defender of the year in 2014, will Seth Sinovic have to step aside for Marcel De Jong?
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We all know about the injuries and international duties.. and then more injuries this team endured last season. That defense back to the keeper was unrecognizable from what Sporting Kansas City has shown in years past. Myers, Collin, Opara, Besler AND the top two keepers all missed time. Juliao had a lot of talent on the right, but he was just a baby who struggled at times.

But Seth Sinovic remained. Last season may have been a disaster without his knowledge of the system and smart defense. His efforts were rewarded and he was named the team's Defender of the Year. A year ago he was called into Jurgen's January camp. He looks fit to break into the international scene this season right? RIGHT?

Enter Canadian international Marcel De Jong. He came to trial with SKC after leaving FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga because he was not happy in a back up role. So, as Steve Brisendine was saying in our preseason podcast, De Jong was coming here to be a starter.

The reasons to love to Seth Sinovic are obvious. He is a hometown kid! A few years ago he said if he had to go anywhere else he would retire. He was part of that damn near historic back line who won us the Cup in 2013. He was a rock last year when we really needed it. He knows the system like the back of his hand, he knows the league, and he knows exactly what Peter wants from his players. He plays smart defense and when he gets beat he commits smart fouls.

The weak spot in his game is going forward. Although he sent myself and the rest of the Cauldron into a riot with this effort, Sinovic is not a goal scoring threat by any means. Vermes likes high flying full backs that get forward and cause problems in the final third.

This is where De Jong sets himself apart. In a backup role, he had 5 goals in 67 matches with FC Augsburg. We haven't seen all that much quite yet, but he has looked good.

Like I said... causing problems:

Dangerous crosses:

But make no mistake, this is not a question of the offense of De Jong versus the defense of Sinovic. This is a Bundeslia vet we are talking about. He is confident on defense as well.

This is a pretty small moment but showed he is calm, cool and collected under pressure:

After leaving one team because he wasn't starting, it is hard to imagine De Jong would sign here without the job. On top of that, with his experience, club is likely paying him more than most LBs in the league. He has been playing with the first team all preseason and fit right in. As unfortunate as it may be for Seth, it appears Marcel De Jong will be the starting left-back this season.

Who would you start the season with? Has Seth earned the chance to keep his job or do you go with the exciting newcomer?